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Polyester Resins

  • Casting Type Colour options and design flexibility
  • Hand Lay-up/Spray-up Hand lay up/spray up applications
  • Pultrusion High strength pultrusion profiles
  • q友乐园.18级做人爱C视频正版免费.跟女朋友开车文案过程 Continuous Laminating For roofing sheets, domes and structural panels
  • Hot Press SMC & BMC For automotive and machine equipment SMC-BMC parts
  • DCPD Resins Widely used in small shipbuilding, automotive, civil engineering
  • RTM and Infusion RTM or vacuum infusion processes
  • Filament Winding Designed for the filament winding process
  • 鑲夊鐨勫皬璇?娆х編鐢熸椿鐗囧湪绾胯鐪?缇庡コ鑴辩殑榛勭殑鍏ㄥ厤瑙嗛 Corrosion Resistant We offer reliable and durable corrosion protection
  • Adhesive High performce marble and stone adhesive resins
  • Putty Type Specially to repair car bodyworks, boats, fill and assemble glass wool products
  • Flame Retardant Ideal for a wide variety of FR applications
  • Special Resins Next to standart and generic resin systems we offer a wide range of special resin system


  • General Purpose Designed for general industrial applications
  • Performance Designed for applications where chemical resistance, atmospheric and weathering resistance are required
  • High Performance Designed for applications where high chemical resistance, aesthetic appearance and weather resistance are required
  • Chemical Resistance Designed for productions where chemical resistance and weathering resistance are needed
  • Sandable - Paint Finish Desined for producing paint finish parts
  • Fire Retardant Designed for use in used both internally and externally for building, transport and general industrial work
  • Bright Topcoat Designed to provide a complete surface cure that is able to be sanded and polished after curing of the surface layer
  • Mould Type Desined for producing moulds which is used in composite materials production